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When working with Best Employment, you are free to focus on your core business, confident in the knowledge that we will assist with all your staffing needs and help you avoid the costs associated with hiring, maintaining, and terminating employees.

As a testament to the value we bring, some of our clients have been with us for over 15 years.

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Reduce your risk and increase profits with our pre-screened general labour and skilled trades employees.

All our candidates are tested on written, oral, and mathematical ability. This ensures that each employee is capable of learning on the job and is qualified for your job mandate. Additionally, we test skilled workers in their area of expertise and verify that they hold valid trade permits. You may also use temporary placement as an extended trial before a permanent commitment. Once we find the right candidate, you will have the ability to observe the employee over a period of time prior to retaining them full-time.
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We help our clients make the right permanent placement decisions.

Employees are key to a successful business, and it is especially vital to select the right people for permanent placement. Our recruitment specialists can assist with finding, screening, and hiring candidates to fit your job requirements. Pre-Screening and Interviews We will conduct interviews and screen the candidates for the criteria important for the position. Expand the Search Pool Our database includes workers who are currently under-employed or unhappily employed.
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360° Workforce Solutions

360° Workforce Solutions Our workforce management extends beyond hiring, to an all-around HR support. Our solutions are custom-tailored to solve all your personnel issues. Here are just some of the customized services we provide: Recruitment Planning Workforce Planning Job Design and Descriptions Employee Handbook Health & Safety Program Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Violence Prevention Workplace Injury Prevention and Management AODA Accessibility Requirements Plan Discipline and Termination
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